Web Toys

Little things I've made in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Random Peoples Mix Generator
My older brother asked me to make this a while back, so I did.

Dozenal Clock
A dozenal clock that splits the day into 1728 50-second units and displays the time as fractional units.

World Clock
This is how I imagine we'd tell where the sun is on the other side of the world if we abolished time zones.

28-Hour Day
Converts normal time into time based on 28 hours in a day, 6 days in a week. I made it so 6 AM is when you wake up based on this schedule.

Temperature Scale Converter
Converts between 6 different temperature scales. (3 of which aren't actually real)

Turn Timer
Convenient for when you're playing a game and you want turns to be a limited length of time. Click or tap anywhere except the pause button to end your turn. The pause button allows you to pause the timer if needed. I came up with this when I was playing Rummikub with some of my family and we didn't enforce the 1 minute time limit because it was too much effort.

Sunrise Clock
It's a clock, but with 00:00 at sunrise. You can either refresh the page or click on the time to refresh your location.

Age Rollover Calculator
A year isn't exactly 365 days long, so this tells you what time of day your age changes for different years.

Time Zone Converter
Converts between time zones; what else is there to say?

The Year-Long Week
I got this idea when someone said that "January is the Monday of the year."

Random Two-Syllable Word Generator
Generates random two-syllable words.

Shavian Keyboard
If you want to type Shavian but don't want to install a keyboard layout manually, this is for you.

Iykury Time
It's like Unix time but starts when I was born instead of January 1, 1970.

The Unhashtaginatorâ„¢
Takes text and puts word joiners after each # character so they don't turn into hashtag links on Twitter.

I wrote my own version of Snake 'cause why not and decided to put it here.

ReadLex Search
Searches the Kingsley Read Lexicon, aka ReadLex, a dictionary for the Shavian alphabet.